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Erin Musgrove

Erin began working at IAH in 2002 after 21 years of local factory work, and she says she has found her dream job. She loves the people and the animals! Over the years, Erin has taken home 15 dogs and either found homes for them, or taken them into her own home to live out their last years as part of her family. She currently has 7 dogs and 2 cats in the house and one kitty in the garage, even though her husband tells her she is 4 dogs over her limit! Erin's first position at IAH was that of veterinary assistant, but now serves as receptionist.

Erin is married to Rodney. Erin has children and grandchildern in League City, Texas; Independence Ks, and Galesburg, Kansas. She currently has 6 grandkids. Erin and Rodney love to spend days off on the bike on curvy roads in Missouri and Arkansas.

As with all the IAH staff, you will immediately notice Erin's love for animals and her cheerful spirit!